It was like yesterday. We started the TransCourLimo company in 1996 with one, beautiful small van. It was a seven (7) passenger, green (yes, green!) Ford Area Star. We had to be doing something right at the time because in no time we needed one more vehicle. We got one and it was a Chevy Savanna fifteen (15) passenger van. We were sure we were all set for the transportation business.

We were wrong. Orlando became the Number One (#1) vacation destination in the world, Orange County Convention Center transformed itself into the major player in the convention and meeting business in the world, Disney World added several new resorts and Animal Kingdom park to its property, Universal Studios Orlando and its resorts became a city itself, Sea World Orlando is bigger then ever with it's own hotels and resorts. And we can go on and on and on... Just about everything has been changing in our Orlando area very fast so we had to make some changes in our business too.

We had to buy some very "exotic stuff" and subscribe to very advance services to support our business. What was so exotic and advance? Cellular telephones, radio communication and GPS devices, connection to the Internet. We know it is very funny for our young customers but believe it or not we had to pay for the Internet by the hour (!) and our best cell phone plan was 30 minutes per month! We went trough all the technological changes. We adopted many new ways of doing our business but one thing never changes.

We know very well who we are working for. We work for you, for our customers. Our product is a service so we serve! We always remember that your vacation, your business trip, your romantic date, your fly overseas and many other special events begin with us, inside our vehicles so we try our best to make your trip with us as pleasant as possible.

We try our best to start off your special event the way you wish it to be going. Thanks for being our customers. We will serve for many years to come as we have before. Team.